If you gotta go to the bathroom, you gotta go to the bathroom.

Excerpt from a Barrel of Monkeys run list.

Today, while teaching a Barrel of Monkeys class:
(general cacophony of kids playing theater games)

Child: (to me and Lauren) I gotta go to the bathroom and shave my booty.*

Lacy's mind: I did not hear that right.

Lauren: (pause) Well, kid, if you gotta go to the bathroom, you gotta go to the bathroom.

(Child leaves to go to the bathroom .. to shave his ... booty?)

Lauren: (slow burn take to Lacy)


*Lauren maintains he said that he needed to go to the bathroom to SHAKE his booty. Which makes more sense? Which is more hilarious? Which do you have a good answer for?



There are 5 ways for actors to make more than minimum wage:
Film, TV, commercials, industrial videos, and trade shows.
This week, I worked at a trade show.
The industry term for a female hired by a company to promote traffic and visitors to that company's booth at a trade show is "booth bimbo."

I am glad this trade show is over.



Look at this guy. I've known this guy all my life.
This, of course, was taken before I was born.
He was patient, kind, and did a million nice things without telling anyone about it. He was obnoxiously, ostentatiously in love with my grandmother and told anyone who would listen.
He was a great dancer and had a nice baritone voice. Loved all kids and all animals. All animals and all kids loved him.
I've always figured, if I can be anything like him, I will have succeeded in life, no matter what else happens.

Today was his birthday. I miss him. Every single day I miss him.

So there you go. We'll start off with a success story and maybe it'll prove infectious.