Coworkers (and authority figures) pt. II

I had a session on Thursday, which is "industry" "lingo" for "I recorded something for voice-over." It was a group session with other actors, which I always love.

At a session, the people from the ad agency are there to give you direction and change the script twenty times. Often they will call an account exec or someone very important to get that person's stamp of approval before they end the session.

Thursday, all the ad people spoke nervously and reverently about Jill, who, when finally called for her expert opinion, was arbitrarily negative and then gave us direction like, "well... you need to be SASSY, but also respectful."

Since we're in a sound booth, the only way to discreetly communicate is by writing. My friend Brian pretended to be taking notes on the "sassy, respectful" direction on our script.


Chris said...

Holy f*@%, that's a good script.

Arnie said...

Brain is fired!!