I used to work every day and occasionally drink with the guy on the left.

"Who's that?" you ask. Well, little Timmy, that is Stephen Ouimette. He's amazing. Look at his imdb list, which does absolutely no justice to what an amazing Shakespearean actor he is. Also, he is a really, really nice guy.

I just went to lunch with my boss, a corporate manager, and a lawyer who is sharing our office. I know that there are nice, cool, funny and non-judgmental lawyers and corporate managers out there.



venice_guy said...

So Lacy, what about that lunch made you think of Stephen? That times with him were 180 degrees from lunch with your boss? I'm guessing that's the connection, but it's not fully apparent to me (but I'm a guy with only a moderate on-line IQ score). And how long has it been since you partied with the man?

Lacy said...

Thanks for asking, VG. I'll try to clarify.

The contrast is what made me connect the two things. Both my boss and Stephen are very successful in their fields. They are both highly respected and in positions of authority and power.
I was struck by how differently they handled their power.

When Stephen and I worked together (spring/summer '07), despite EVERYONE falling all over themselves to talk to him, he would still hang out with everyone, interns to pros, and treat everyone with complete respect.

My boss and the lawyer were very mean today, especially in the way they spoke about other people.

In short: Stephen's behavior as someone in a position of authority and power (the lead in the play, also as a director who could potentially hire any of us) was immensely courteous, modest, and respectful.

The behavior of my boss and this HR administrator, as two people in positions of authority and power, was pretty much the diametric opposite.

I don't want to say, 'wow, people who work in offices are jerks and artists are awesome,' but in this case... the people I work with in an office are jerks, and the artist I worked with is awesome.

venice_guy said...

Thanks, Lacy, so it was as I thought. So you've identified a model of success (trying to keep to the theme here) that you want to emulate. That's great! Keep it in the forefront as you move in your career and life. Here's something else I've observed in all my years, however. Those are your perceptions of Mr. Ouimette, your boss and his/her colleague. I would bet the farm there are those who see those same people in diametrically opposite ways.