Day Job, part one of seven million

I've been terribly ashamed of the fact that I've had a part-time job for the past two months.

Close Friend: This job has seemed to make you miserable ever since you started it.
Me: I was miserable about this job before I started it.

In the interests of financial stability and ... well, yeah, just financial stability, I took a job. Before, I was a full-time actor, leaping and hopping from one independent contract to another. It was hard and stressful but I loved being able to say, "I'm an actor," and not feel the need to mention another job that I do "for money." Taking a part-time job was a real ego blow. I should have started this blog in October, I could have told you how miserable and defeated I felt.

It's a mutual decision; I like my boss and she likes me, but acting is just taking up too much time and I'm not a dependable employee. I don't want to be a flake anymore than she wants to employ a flake.

I will miss the very small, very steady paycheck, but I also want to tear this job off like a sweater full of spiders.

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Arnie said...

As a wise person once told me: "FUNemployed!"