When my cat hisses at guests, I feel like it's a bad reflection on me.

Please discuss how absurd and self-absorbed this is.

Then discuss why I still feel shocked and guilty the next time he does it. Even if it's sort of understandable because someone gets in his face unexpectedly and he doesn't know what to do, but I still want the kind of cat who is always cuddly and purrs and instantly charms everyone. A universally adored and loved cat who - no, I swear, I am talking about my CAT not about MYSELF don't be ridiculous.

Pause. Let's start again.

Please discuss why my mother is presently in the hospital on hydrocodeine with no diagnosis, her history of hypochondria, and why I am so helplessly unable to
Please discuss what the hell she
Please explain when I can sit down and
I do not know what to feel.

Pause. Let's ... move away from that for now.

Please discuss my possible obsession with Success, and what exactly I think it's going to get me.

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