Small-time stardom, pt. 2

My trip to Indianapolis, as presented in a short play.

Setting: Indianapolis
Characters: Lacy, Director, Ad Agency.

Lacy: Well, here I am!
Ad Agency: Whoa. You... you're not black.
Lacy: ... not very, no.
Ad Agency: We need you to be black.
Director: You didn't say she HAD to be black, you said she had to be FUNNY.
Lacy: Well ...I .. am, I mean, I can be... funny...
Ad Agency: Begone, white girl! Get us that black girl that we kind of liked! Fly her in TODAY!
Director: Forgive me, Lacy!
Lacy: Ad agency bitches! You still have to pay me!
Ad Agency: Okay.


Um, I'm home now.


Ryan said...

That is hilarious. You can tell that story forever.

And thanks for your nice, thoughtful comment on my blog.

Christopher said...

I can also be not-black for money!