Vicarious, round-about and overall indirect self esteem.

The daughter of New Acquaintance (ref: "I'm very, very, very, very sorry" post) is living in an isolation room for a while as part of her treatment. Her folks asked people to make "bubbles" to decorate this strange new room with her favorite things, including goats, monkeys,* eggs, Franklin the turtle, and gefilte fish. (Gefilte...?)

So I had some friends over last night and made it an optional art project if people wanted to contribute. My friend Mike, who is a genius in about 7 different fields, brought me a mangled piece of construction paper and said, "I ... I can't do this. Look. Do you have Photoshop?"

Voila, ten minutes later:
Nicely done, sir. Mad snaps for the gefilte fish.

I constantly feel completely amazed by my friends. I gotta tell you: I have some amazing ones. I am lucky to have them.

Thus showing that this little girl is clearly a Shakespeare geek waiting to happen. Othello's most completely random speech tic, from Othello, Act IV Scene 1 Line 261:
You are welcome, sir, to Cyprus.--Goats and monkeys!

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