Apparently I'm Not The Only One

At the first rehearsal, our director asked each of us what our main goal was for this production.

He [wisely] pointed out that you will get mixed signals which you can and should rightly ignore. For example, your conservative relatives will not dig a play about incest. Some people will already love the movie, and any other interpretation will just seem incorrect. In short: you can't please everybody, so figure out what you need to do to please yourself, and work towards that.

And I was like, SHUT UP! I TOTALLY have a whole blog about this.
No. Not really. I did not say those things.

It's a great idea and a great acknowledgement to make, right off the bat. But ... (fussy sigh here)

I guess this is where art gets hard: many of the things we wanted, certainly I want, aren't quantifiable. My goal is to make people in the audience feel for this crazy and somewhat despicable character. How do I know if I've done that? Take a survey? Pass out comment cards?

On a creepily related note... thanks everyone for taking the surveys at the top right hand corner. And for leaving comments.
It makes me feel like I don't just come across as a ... crazy and somewhat ... despicable



Ryan said...

Incest + movie + great role = The House of Yes? No?

Lacy said...

Whoa! Nice one! Yes. You win a prize.

Ryan said...

oh, and perhaps this is me being naive, but you can't make the audience feel anything. each member is going to bring something different to the table. you can only affect how you want to play your characters wants and her motivation, and how you want her to react to the other the characters.

so don't worry about the audience or your parents or whatever. who cares? why would the actor concern himself or herself with such things. that's the director's job. just concentrate on you and the you in the role.

Arnie said...


Ryan said...

I wish there was a Chinatown play...I see a future reading in the Del Close Theatre...

Lacy said...

1. Chinatown! The Musical.
Make it happen.

2. Ryan - Interesting, and not naive at all. Everyone definitely has a different idea of what exactly an actor's job is. I get the feeling this question will come up again. Probably too many times. How is your show going?

Ryan said...

Well, Sunday, we blocked a "Eyes Wide Shut" like scene, where I'm being led around on a leash, kicked, and drink champagne out of a dude's hand.