First read-through of the play tonight. The usual shy, self-conscious self-introductions. Logistics, rehearsal calendar.
Stage manager mutters something to director.

Director: Oh, yes. And you'll be striking the set every night after each show.

Me: (a little too loudly) WHAT.

Here's the deal: I got spoiled at Chicago Shakes. I mean, people were paid to wash my underwear, for crying out loud. They bought us underwear.

(That's standard in Equity houses. If you are confused as to why, I'll explain it in the comments but it has to do with often-revealing, semitransparent costumes and two-show days when you get REAL sweaty, if you know what I mean.)

So this is a little different.

In some ways, I suppose you could say I've taken a massive step backward.


Ryan said...

do you think chicago shakes would wash my underwear? just 'cause?

dizzyk said...

Or... since it sounds like you're playing a big, juicy role you really get to sink your teeth into, you could also say you've taken a giant step forwards. Equity perks, schmequity perks. Make some art. Have some fun. Have a ball. I'll be cheering for you.

Lacy said...

Rob: It's totally true... and I knew this was the deal when I auditioned in the first place.

It's a good challenge for myself: be an exemplary tiny-company team player while giving a dynamite equity-company performance.

If I manage it, I'll call it "Pulling a Kauzlaric."

It will become a new Jeff category.

You could always try. Show up to usher a show and just sort of suggest it.