Enough of that. More pictures!

My friends moved to a very rural part of Ohio to take care of the family's castles.

Yeah... no, that's what I meant. Another story, maybe I'll link to it later.
Anyway. This is a barn not far from their home.

I think ...
ah. Why do I like this so much?
I like it because it possibly makes any political statement you want it to make.

AND it kind of implicates Italy in The Battle of The Alamo.


Jason said...

I can't quite make it out... Does it actually say Rember, or did they quickly cover themselves by throwing an apostrophe in there to say R'ember?

Rember sounds like a form of mental rendering, as in throwing a life's worth of varied experiences into a giant kettle and melting them down into one broad, racist generalization.

R'ember would be a beautiful save, adding a slight Francophobe touch while signifying the missing "em."

Either way, it is 'barrassing how much I love the picture.

Halena said...

Hey Lacer...I just read the whole thing in one sitting.
Thanks for it. For some reason I'm crying, I think because I like it when people I know set out to do something and do it. It gives me hope. Also you make me laugh so nice one on that. you are a good egg, SUCCESS!

Lacy said...

hkays, I'm REAL glad.
...that you read it and wanted to read more of it till you read all of it, that is. Not the crying part.

I hope you want to come back and read and comment, just to keep that thread of communication going till I find an excuse to make it down to Austin.