Ever gotten a Ft. Wayne Floss?

Poker last night. The conversation segued from Movies We'd Seen Lately to Seemingly Arbitrary Names of Improbable Sex Acts. Dirty Sanchez, space docking, etc.

Group discovery: the magic combination for a believable-yet-made-up improbable sex act seemed to be
a) the name of a small Midwestern city (better if it's in Indiana), and
b) an oral hygiene product or activity.
a Ft. Wayne floss
the Valparaiso toothpick
a Lafayette gargle
We tried to come up with personalized ones, like the old soap-opera name/porn-star name formula: your street, your first pet, etc.
Tutaj: Okay... it's your hometown, and an oral hygiene product you use every day.

Sarah: ... the Brookfield Mouthwash?

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