Ooh la la.

Although I've been acting in Chicago for 7 years now, I've never had a lead role.

I envied the emotional workout my friend got while playing Cressida in ...well, Troilus and Cressida, but I was also stunned by the wide range of responses. You REALLY can't please everyone. And even if (IF) you do please all the right people (yourself, your director, press), there will still be some moronic blogger who swears you only got cast for your tits.

Would I be strong enough to just let that roll off my back? Seriously? I'm so sensitive it's stupid. And I crave validation far too much to NOT read reviews. Or blog-search my plays.

But I think it's about time.

I just got cast in a fantastic [lead] role in an amazing play with a small theater company, going up at a terrible venue.

So, here we go.

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Arnie said...

But you really were only cast because of your cashmalons.

Is that still funny?