Things I Missed

While I was home drunkenly hate-blogging Tom Brady, my boyfriend was fulfilling his annual duty as the host for Sketchubator, the open-mic portion of the Chicago Sketchfest.

Sketchubator happens at midnight on the two Saturdays of the festival. The audience is 99.9999% drunk sketch comics. Basically, any group from the festival can ask for a 5-minute slot in the program. Anything goes as long as it's under 5 minutes.

He came home a little before 5am, so we didn't actually talk until this afternoon.

Brandon: Dude... Honey... Last night, there were two live chickens on stage at Sketchfest.


Arnie said...

I feel like maybe you missed something else too.

Lacy said...

Dammit. It's true. I missed a one-night event.

Much like you missed an event ...that happened 8 times a week from April 21 until June 30th. Hmm. That's over two months of opportunities to make it to a certain event.


Ryan said...

This just got awkward.

Arnie said...

Er... so we're even?

Lacy said...

Lacy: (busted)

Man, I knew that if i started a blog, it would ultimately reveal all my petty insecurities and resentments.

This is totally my blog's fault!

Arnie, we are not even until we each buy each other a drink when we hang out soon. Then we will be even for reals.