Tom Brady

Look, I know, I KNOW I shouldn't post when I've been drinking (some utterly un-called for rants on GoodReads taught me this) but does anyone else freaking HATE Tom Brady?I'll tell you exactly why I hate this guy.

He did a series of national, played-to-death [read: highly profitable] commercials for some credit card company a few years ago. BEFORE sportscasters peed on themselves just thinking about him.

The ads featured Tom Brady and a few other helmeted, otherwise anonymous football players. Tom Brady agreed to do the gig, but only if the other football players were played by other Patriots.

You cock. Yeah, a pro football player REALLLLY needs more money. That could have paid months and months and months of rent for five commercial actors. Instead, five pro football players had even MORE money to spend on their supermodel girlfriends and pitbulls.

Fuck you, Tom Brady. Fuck you from the lowly commercial actor. I hope you crumple in the playoffs.

... let's see if I remove this in the morning when I sober up.


Ryan said...

Leave it. It's funny.

Lacy said...

Thanks, Ryan. I just might.
And I apologize for drunk-commenting on your blog, specifically, for my use of the phrase "grow a pair."

taipalmgren said...

Just wait until Tom Brady Googles himself today. Then you'll be sorry.

Ryan said...

At least you didn't use the phrase, "perform a vasectomy with a butter knife."

It could always be worse.

finalgirl said...

omg. DON'T get me started...on the brady. ew. once a cheater, always a cheater...on the field and at home.

Monica said...

and I thought I was the only one who didn't like tom brady! GO GIANTS!