When You Have Kids, You'll Understand

Parenting seems miserable to me. There is no way, NO F IN WAY (_) I would ever want to do this. Horrible screaming, crying, and ... miserable.

I know this is irrational. I know this is not entirely the norm.
But it's how parent/child relationships operate in my family. My sister doesn't speak to my mother. My father doesn't speak to my sister, who doesn't speak to him, he doesn't speak to me, we are four human beings who have done an amazing job of estranging one another. We probably all stopped speaking because we said all the awful words we knew in all the awful combinations we could think of, and once those were said, we just quit talking. And that was about eleven years ago.

Except for my mother and me, and if you read this whiny blog you know that isn't going so well lately.

So when my friends want to have kids, I think they are nuts. Straight up NUTS.

And when my friends have wonderful relationships with loving parents, I am alternately
a) moved to tears, and
b) so jealous I want to punch walls.

I'd like to get over this.

The first part of that is knowing it's there, right?

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Ryan said...

You need do some yoga a couple of times a week and relax a little bit.

It'll be okay.

I know a cat video you watch in the mean time...