The blogger becomes the bloggee

Other people judge my dubious success as a home decorator. Check it out, it's a free-for-all on my dining room on Apartment Therapy, a home design blog for people who like to insist that interior decorating isn't just for bored housewives with extra Pier One giftcards.

Check it here.

Comments so far range from "Whole room seems, like in a hole." (jerk) to "I'll be frank, I totally dig this room as is." (you are awesome.)


Ryan said...

I never decorate my apartments. I live like a 33 year old college freshman.

That being said. We had white furniture in my living room in high school. I think white furniture can get dirty easily, and you're less likely (at least consciously) to want to sit in that area...and that area needs to be sat it. If you're gonna change them, go to another color. I like the idea of picking a rug and using that color to complement.

Anything but ivory.

"Ty" Dolan

Marisa Wegrzyn said...

I like them black, but also agree with the thought of a little color. That room in your apartment looks effing rad. I want it.

Lacy said...

holy crap, this is like Christmas. Okay, well, the ivory thing is out.

You are both invited over to help me build and paint new shelves.


Arnie said...

Something is needed to bring this post to life. Whole blog seems, like in a hole. More adjectives if possible and something lighter/brighter. Have you thought of a picture to anchor the writing? You could pick up color from there. I do like the shape, however it is a bit too heavy in the internet.