let's put it this way: hey now, you WERE an allstar. at one point.

Do you like Smashmouth? Probably you do not.

Have you heard their songs? Once or twice? Possibly far, FAR TOO MANY times, especially when that "Hey Now, You're An All Star" single became the Summer Theme of 1999?

Oh yes you have. These guys have had several Big Hit Singles. I imagine they, at several points, have looked at each other and thought, 'holy shit. Our song is that annoying song you cannot escape. We have fucking MADE IT.'
And then they partook of beautiful hookers and very, very good cocaine.

Nevertheless, they are currently the boingboing laughingstock du jour thanks to the isolated lead vocal track from Days Like These.

I was listening to this, reading the post about it, and wondering how the lead singer feels.

Miserable and unimaginably humiliated? Does he still have access to beautiful hookers and very very good cocaine and therefore could care less? Or is all that money going/gone and he is realizing that being a rock star, even one who Made It, is not a life-long career move?

If this website had a 'dubious success' theme song, I would bring in a soft, melodic version of it now.


Evan said...

Okay, fine, I'll defend Smash Mouth. I'll also admit that I'm kind of a fan. They're kind of a guilty pleasure for me... except I don't feel very guilty about it. (And neither does Jim DeRogatis... so there.)

I'd really hate it if my vocal tracks got out like this, without the protection of instruments. That's the only thing that keeps them from sounding like they are being sung by a tone-deaf anus. I've had to listen to them that way. It's brutal. Like most things taken out of context, it's just not fair.

That said, it's pretty hilarious.

Lacy said...

Yay! I'm glad you defended them.

I spent today doing my 5-minute audition (17 times and counting) in long underwear with no makeup. Filming (Videoing?) myself on my camera, watching and critiquing. Tape, watch, critique, repeat. You talk about some incriminating shit. How many times can I cry "Alas Iago, here i kneel!" (as my cat strolls past) in one day?

But ...hopefully it will build up to something lovely. as lovely as a Smashmouth song.

? ... hm.

Maybe I should do it one time in that Smashmouth guy's voice.

Evan said...

I'm trying to decide if I'm daring enough to post a raw vocal track on my website. Methinks I am not.

crabbydad said...

Say what you will about Smashmouth, but the spawnage were watching Scooby-Doo the other day, and who should appear, in cartoon form no less, rocking the gang at a free outdoor beach concert? Smashmouth.

The Harlem Globetrotters, Jerry Reed, Don Knotts, Jonathan Winters, The Three Stooges... and Smashmouth. Pretty rockin' company, I must say.

Like, Zoinks!

Arnie said...

Lacy, you should post that audition video on your blog!