my PSA

I know you're voting tomorrow. And after you proudly punch, mark, or touch for your favorite election star, crap, you have to figure out who deserves to be a judge again or dictate water reclamation and all that stuff.

Here is helpful information so you don't find yourself loopily picking out random names by the time you're at Circuit Judge 74 and you're thinking, maybe we should just have all Latino judges? and you really just want to get your I VOTED! sticker and exit the park district building.

First, there's always http://www.illinoisjudges.net/ with TONS of information.

Second option (easier and quicker), a handy PDF of who is/isn't recommended by the Chicago Bar Association:
Chicago Bar Association Evaluation Results:

Thirdly, the same thing from the Chicago Council of Lawyers
Chicago Council of Lawyers Evaluation Results:

Finally, on another note, if you want to know more about the
candidates' views on arts policy, or the role of the arts, or just
think the arts should be a wider part of the discussion, check out
for more info.

That is all and have a lovely election day.

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