Reflecting Clowns

Going through some corporate sales training materials, I came across a page in the "Games & Activities" section called "Reflecting Clowns."

Now... I, in all my improvising, theater gaming, icebreaking teambuilding trustfalling days, OF WHICH THERE ARE MANY, (FOOLS) have never heard of "Reflecting Clowns" ...but I have no doubt that it would be highly entertaining game, and a lot of fun to see a bunch of Glengarry Glen Ross types play ANYTHING by involving clowns, reflecting, and any combination of the two.

AND - you can tell it's gonna be wacky, because they're using Comic Sans. Comic Sans = all bets are OFF, people! Look OUT!

So I looked up the page that would actually tell me how to play Reflecting Clowns.

Um. THAT's Reflecting Clowns?

You just... write down reflections? On a piece of paper that has things on it that are ... maybe... clownLIKE?


Surely there is a better game to be created. One that deserves the title of Reflecting Clowns.

Please play this game by yourself for a moment.

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