Return to Funemployment

When I made the debatably moronic (but ultimately correct) choice to leave my job at Jellyvision a while ago, I was ... how do you say... VERY excited.

Freelance living beckoned me back to its loving, undemanding arms. Voiceovers were pouring in, savings account was beefed up, there were some great theater projects on the horizon, and the door was open to come back and freelance. Most of all, it felt right.

And so began 'I'm not unemployed... I'm FUNemployed!' Maybe thanks to Arnie. Maybe me. Jellyvision probably technically owns it, along with all my terrible terrible jokes.

Today is my last day at DayJobCorp.

Voiceovers are not pouring in. Savings account is not beefed up. I'm in a show that pays nary a penny - in fact, the el fare is really adding up AND I'm shelling out some dough next week on coaching so I can try to move to Canada for a year so I can pay rent there and my mortgage here HOW THE HELL IS THAT GONNA WORK?

Still - it very much, 100%, feels right.

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