I've only kept in touch with two friends from high school. One of us is a mechanical engineer (successful), one is a surgeon (successful), and one is an actor (success... ful? ... hm.).

Speaking of The Surgeon.
The Surgeon did these things within four years of graduating from high school:
1. Got his Bachelors and Masters in like Chemistry or Physics or something like that
2. Decided to go into surgery
3. Ran an event promotion company that made him very rich, but more importantly, was secretly videotaped and ended up on the Jerry Springer Show on some sort of shocker program like THIS JUST IN! New Orleans is Rife With Vomiting Young Adults Who Drink Too Much!!!

I got an email from him late last night. First time I've heard from him in a year or so.

lately, i spend a lot of time trying to decide what type of surgery i want to do when i'm done, and where i want to live, etc...as long as you've known me, i've always been working on a set path...well, not so much anymore...

Funny. As a surgeon, success seems crystal clear. I mean, number one,
It's almost as impressive as President of the United States but less corrupt.
Number two,

Some people don't walk away thinking, well, that was alright, but ... frankly, I've had better knee replacements. Or please, a 7th grader could have done that triple bypass ...while others credit you with saving their life.

It's the antithesis of this blog: an objective success. But it still seems to leave room for plenty of self-doubt as to whether or not you've made the right decisions.

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