thank goodness THAT'S done.

Blog: Let me guess. A dubiously successful audition?

Me: Ha. Yeah. I mean... I've done the pieces better, but ...

Blog: But you could always say that. You could always have done it better. So what now?

Me: Now I try to forget it ever happened. Odds are, I'll never hear anything and I'll never, ever know how I really did.

Blog: How DID you do?

Me: I just don't know! I couldn't read them at all. Maybe I totally sucked it. Maybe I was mediocre. Maybe I was a solid B. I don't know.

Blog: You know what? You did great.

Me: ...You weren't there, Blog.

Blog: You have absolutely nothing to gain by thinking you sucked. So, listen to me. You worked really, really hard on this. You did great. Congratulations.


Me: Thanks, Blog.

Blog: Now go work on your commercial audition for this afternoon.

Me: Right.

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Rachel Wilson said...

Congrats! And thanks for commenting on my blog. I meant what I said about yours!