too excited to sleep.

Life changes so fast, I just kept thinking. This afternoon.

I've been asked to audition for the conservatory program at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival in Canada.

It's a huge deal. If I got in, I'd move to Canada. For a year. IF. if if if if. That is one tough program to get into, because it is one completely AMAZING festival. It's also the best kind of conservatory: One you get paid to be in. If I got in, I'd become Equity. If if if. I'd have to figure out a way to pay the mortgage here. I'd have to find a way to preserve what will, by then, be my marriage. If if if. I WOULD KICK ASS and learn from incredible actors. I would learn a lot. It would be so, so hard. It would be so wonderful. I would miss my friends, my cat, my boyfriend. I would live breathe eat and sleep Shakespeare, which is sort of what I think heaven is like, except with sundresses and pudding. It would be very lonely. I would probably blog a LOT.


The call took me utterly by surprise. She asked me if I was interested. I said, can I take 24 hours and figure out my life for the next 18 months? She said sure, sure.

I didn't want to say, I need to talk to my boyfriend, because I didn't want to be That Girl. But, I did.

Here is what the Boyfriend said: Wow. This will be hard, but I think you need to do this. Do the audition and we'll take it from there.

I never mean for this blog to be whiny or complaining. If it leans that way, I am sorry. Sometimes I'm afraid of sharing how much I love my life at times. I don't want to gloat.

But you should know; I know that I have a wonderful boyfriend. And that I'm a very very lucky person. I'll be very sad when I blow this audition or don't get cast or whatever, but for right now... how wonderful to be called and asked. How wonderful.

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Beausephus said...

Sarah and I both did a little jog for you this morning as we sipped our first cup of coffee.
Don't worry about the audition, just do one of the crazy Cassandra meltdown speeches and they'll eat that shit up.
Stratford is an awesome place. We're considering moving there after we tire of Virginia. You and the dreamy boyfriend will ahve lots of fun stuff to do when he comes to visit.