among my many failures

...I will add 'posting a youtube video twice, then not knowing how to remove it so that there's only one clip and I don't look like a moron' to the list.

among my many successes, I will add 'cooking a tasty chili made with chicken, green chiles and white beans' to the list.


Here's to successes whose tastiness outweigh the inconsequentialness of failures.

and to the art of impossibly obtuse sentence structures.

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Manish said...

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Some freelancers also opt to work as occasional temp workers, especially when they find themselves between projects—and paychecks. But what's critical is this: most freelancers work on a project-by-project basis. Whether the project is a movie, a video game, a cd, a book, a technical report, or even a performance, freelancers are hired to do their jobs because they have specific skills that can meet a very specific task.
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