happy saturday

remember when I worked here? Man. I'm so glad that's over.
When I first moved to Chicago, by some kind of miracle I got picked up by one of the best agencies in town. As an added bonus, they offered me a part time receptionist job AT the agency.

Shortly after, one of the four On-Camera agents had a breakdown and left. The head of the department asked me to fill in and take on her duties. Shortly after THAT, she offered me the job.

I couldn't take the job and keep acting. I remember thinking, 'this conversation could change the direction of my life,' but knowing exactly what to do, and telling her apologetically, "I've worked too hard to quit so soon."

I've said no to some amazing, acting-prohibitive careers. Talent agent. PA at the Oprah Show (a few times). Teachingwriterwhatever at Jellyvision. Most recently and least temptingly, Head of Benefits Administration at DayJobCorp.

As far as I can tell, only one other person from my college acting class is still acting. Everyone else quit within a few years of graduating.

So. I am a little
  1. ashamed by and
  2. sorry for
the negativity earlier.

I sheepishly thank folks for telling me what I
  1. should have known OR
  2. do know but forget or ignore.

Even with the occasional periods of discouragement -which can be downright profound, because rejection is part of the job- the fact that I have not quit makes me immensely happy and proud.

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