Only for you, Johnny Depp

...will I spend THREE AND A HALF HOURS transforming my hair from this

to this

a 100% bonafide FINGER WAVE. Check it.

please no callback please no callback please no callback. that took forever.

...and had the unexpected side effect of my bathroom afterwards looking like I was once again 13 and getting ready for the District Council on Youth Ministries Fall Dance.

That was the best audition I've had in months, by the way. Geez... If only I'd felt that good about Stratford.

Time to focus on the next big 'un: Amadeus at Chicago Shakes.


Rachel Wilson said...

Fricking amazing! Hope you do get a callback -- just hope that hair doesn't come back in fashion.

taipalmgren said...


Corrbette said...

I wouldn't even know how to attempt to do that. But I can say that it looked phenomenal. Because you're GOOD. In case they're reading this.

Arnie said...

Oo la la. You've got the part.

Ryan said...

I think I read that two of the three artistic directors at Stratford resigned recently. So, they're a bit busy up there.

Also, my blog is dead. You can kill it on your links page.