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I will post my very very favorite theater story, which actually happened to Brandon.
File under: touring children's theater.

Brandon was in a touring production of "Frog and Toad Are Friends" which went around to various libraries and school cafeterias. It was geared towards a very young (kindergarten, 1st grade) audience.

Brandon played Frog, a fastidious ... um, frog, who at one point in the story loses his button. Frog then searches for his button everywhere, including out in the audience among the children, who would explode into gigglefits as he would look behind their ears, under their bookbags, etc. As the show developed, he discovered that the kids loved it if he named them silly names like the names of the other characters in the play: Maybe Mister Dragonfly has my button! No? Well, maybe Miss Butterflywings has it! Maybe Mister Squirrelpaws has it!

...until the fateful day when, exhausted and sick of doing the show seven million times, his brain switched over to autopilot as he went through the sea of giggling 6-year-olds, singled out one little girl, and called out, "Maybe Miss Cameltoe has it!"

Turned upstage in horror at what he had just said. Snail and Toad's jaws were wide open. Apparently Snail punched him, hard, as soon as they were "offstage." No amount of apologizing could convince her it was a complete accident.

Amazingly, no one caught it except for one teacher, who told them that she thought it was very funny but warned them that maybe others wouldn't think it was as funny as she did.

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