Blog Reader: Lacy, I have too much time on the ww.internets. Aren't there any projects you did, then forgot about, then found, and you were like, 'holy crap! This is pretty amazing!'

Lacy: yes. And, technically, it's been on FunnyOrDie for 10 months, and it isn't dead, so it must be funny.

Blog Reader: What if I don't really want to commit to watching that [really, really weird but still amazing] cartoon? Are there other fun activities on that website?

Lacy: sure.

Blog Reader: Anything I should know about this website?

Lacy: 1. You should definitely do the 'get your treehouse pass' part.
2. The mastermind behind it all, Brad Oexeman, is a genius.

Blog Reader: You say that about a lot of your friends.

Lacy: He's not my friend. You can tell, because he spells my name with an i. As if I were a stripper, like Candi or Brandi or Misti. But, aside from that, he is a genius. Witness:

Blog Reader: By the way, I saw your play this weekend, it was fantastic.

Lacy: DAMMIT!!!!!!!!

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