This dumb life.

Yesterday morning.
  • Waiting to tell my agent how fantastic that film audition went.
  • Prepared/excited for the Big Stage Audition.
  • Afternoon/evening planned of building a set, working box office, seeing show, hanging out with friends.

This morning.
  • Now know that any chance I thought I might have had of being in that film is a freaking joke and a complete waste of a Saturday and two tons of hair goo.
  • Confused & dismayed by Big Stage Audition.
  • Felt old and cranky at the bar as I repeatedly thought WHY is everyone just being SO LOUD? ...QUIT yelling BALLS. SERIOUSLY. STOP IT.
  • No auditions set up nowhere for nothing.
  • for anyone.
  • or anyTHING.
  • because I am a hack
  • and everyone is completely aware of it
  • and yesterday was officially the last time I'll ever get asked to audition for anything.
  • ever.
... um, okay, as I was writing this I got a voice-over booking for this afternoon.
BUT IT'S JUST A RADIO DEMO! That's it! That's the lowest paying KIND!



Later this morning.
  • Feel ridiculous.

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