2 things that made my day

My talent agency shares an office with Elite Chicago, a prominent and successful modeling agency.

I was walking out today after a voiceover audition as one of the models was walking in. She held the door for me and we smiled at eachother. It was warm and beautiful and lunch time. Across the street, I noticed these guys:

It cracked me up, the way they were all lined up in a row. Chillin in their identical outfits. Clearly just hanging out on their lunch break, watching the parade of beautiful models walking in and out of the office.
I love busting guys checking out girls. I think it's hilarious and great, especially when they realize they've been busted and are sort of embarrassed and sheepish.
Look at them! Hilarious! Adorable!
I laughed at them.
They laughed back.
I waved.
They waved back.
I took their picture.

Also, this guy was ROCKING his walkman all the way to the Lawrence stop, complete with the occasional seated-dancing move. He had that thing cranked up loud, and I am 99.9% sure he was listening to Whitney Houston.
DON'T you wanna dance SAY you wanna dance DON'T you wanna dance? DANCE!

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