BENEDICK: Enough! I am __________

What do you fear most in the whole world? What is the worst thing that could happen to you?

I will tell you: The thing I fear the most in the entire world is divorce.

Death separates people involuntarily. Divorce separates people willfully and with parting words of pure hatred. It splits families into factions and encourages calculated acts of spite and cruelty over long periods of time. It turns people you loved and who loved you into monsters. It makes you feel like a monster too. It is the worst kind of permanent hateful sad mess.

My parents, as you may have gathered, had a terrible divorce.

I swore for years and years that I would never get married. Nothing was worth the risk of getting a divorce. Until a few years ago I didn't even believe in marriage at all - it was a sham, it was a lie. Besides, nothing could be worth opening yourself up to that nightmare of losing half your family, your home and yourself.

Then ... I found someone who was worth the risk. And that let me do what I truly didn't think I'd ever have the courage to do.

I am engaged.

I am terrified.

I am very excited.

I may have mentioned the terrified part. Did I... ? Ah, okay. Great.


Corrbette said...

How does one congratulate and console? Congrasolations! If there wasn't risk involved, everyone would have it. No one would cherish it. That's why it's awesome. True story.

hilary dilary said...

"do one thing every day that scares you."

well. you sure took THAT bumper sticker literally!

rest assured you made the right choice my dear.
and there are far worse things than divorce. like genocide and rabies.

not that you two will ever get divorced. or rabies.

wow. this is turning into one of my worst congratulations ever....

finalgirl said...

auahahahaaghhh! congrats!!!

crabbydad said...


Next up: KIDS!

Jeremy said...


Remember, marriage doesn't have to end in divorce. Death is also an option. That is the preferred tack of me and the missus, and so far it's working out pretty good (not dead, still married.)

DinaBear said...


It is so scary, but life is about risks. Especially the ones you take for those you love.

Close your eyes, step off the edge--I think "taking the plunge" will be whole-heartedly thrilling.

It's certainly been thrilling, and just downright lovely, for me.

Beausephus said...

'bout damn time.

Evan said...

Hooray Lacy!!

thea said...

I like this.

::Internet high fives::

::Feels slightly awkward giving a high five::

Ammegg said...

Hi Lacy, it's Gemma. I just found your blog through Genevra's. But CONGRATULATIONS! That's swimming in awesome. The scary kind of awesome, but that is really the only true kind of awesome.