happy phone calls

Wow, it's true: Your family will LOOOOVE you for getting married.
ESPECIALLY if you have spent the last three years testing the ABSOLUTE LIMITS of their patience by unabashedly living in sin in a faraway city.

...This may actually be the thing that saves my relationship with my mom. Or, just makes me finally strangle her with a piece of loud costume jewelry from Pier 1. You never know.

I explained the plan to mom: Tiny ceremony in my grandparents' back yard. In Texas.

Mom: So what are your colors going to be?

Me: Oh. Well ... I mean, there's going to be, like, 6 people there. I'm not picking colors.

Mom: Well. (pause) What about a caterer?

Me: I was actually just hoping we could all go out for a nice dinner afterwards.

Mom: (thinks of most popular restaurant in nearest town: )
Me: You know what, let's come back to that part later.


Anonymous said...

Congrats! Getting married is the best thing you'll ever do! SO go for a bigger party. You'll never have the same chance. And more prezzies that way too :)

Evan said...

I found your
wedding band

Monica said...

You want to have a tiny ceremony...in Texas? Good luck with that. We wanted to have our wedding outdoors at a nice bed & breakfast...we ended up having it in a huge Methodist church w/6 attendants each!!