make up your mind

"You people in the theater world need to make up your minds-- if you're running a charity or a business."
-Slings and Arrows
When I was in a ritzy high dollar play with all the professionalism and fair working conditions a girl could want, I resented our upperclass audiences. The $75 tickets. The fundraisers held for "mingling" with prominent board members. The school matinees filled with suburban montessoris from the north shore, ignoring the impoverished CPS schools just blocks away.

Now that I'm in a gritty storefront play that benefits the hungry and homeless, run with passion and deep conviction... I resent other things. How I long for a real dressing room. A stage that doesn't crumble, rattle, or have the occasional delivery guy wander in and ask if we ordered some food at key moments during the show.


Corrbette said...

...and a roof that doesn't leak, lights that we can focus ourselves and actually point at the actors, a set that remains up, a lack of delivery trucks outside...sigh. Sorry. What were we talking about?

Lacy said...

we were talking about serving the community. ... sigh.

stupid community.

Corrbette said...

Seriously. Can't they be Self Serve like everyone else? What?

Lacy said...

or at least SoftServ.