new feature psa.

I like The Music. I get excited about music and want to tell people about the music I'm excited about and burn cds, but we all know that gets old.

So I'll just sort of mention it. Off to the side. Upper right hand corner, by the week's poll. A succinct shout out/gush and a link to a free & legal mp3 that I consider to be what the kids call "a ja-am."

I'll post a heads-up for all you feeder readers whenever I change the song out. Yes? Dandy. Enjoy the ja-ams.


Beausephus said...

The last monkeys show we did together, you got me onto this album and I still love it.

Also, check out free/cool/interesting music here...

Mandy & Ali said...

I love your blog, Love it !love it !love it!! Bye for now!!
-mandy And Ali

Lacy said...

Beau: Same band, new album. Totally worth checking out. I'm glad you dig it, though. And thanks for the links.

Mysterious mandy And Ali: Thanks!