official birthday post

Brandon gave me the only gift I know of that combines my favorite things in the world:
  1. alcohol, and
  2. wacky comedy bits.
Look out, Australia!!! Looks like YOU'RE UP FIRST!

Birthdays invite an unwelcome glut of self-analysis. For me, anyway. And, I mean, I operate on an excess of it anyway. Usually the self-analysis is connected to how many people show up to whatever birthday function I hold/attend, which is proportionate to how many people actually like me, which is directly relevant to how much of a narcissistic asshole I am and how many friends I actually deserve.

AND: it's stupid. In fact, it's gay. There. I said it. Gay gay gay gay gay.

I reject it. Maybe I'll work up a few goals for Year 29 today if I feel up to it, but I'll mostly focus on riding my bike to my audition downtown, listening to music, cleaning my house and playing some card games with friends. Stop by tonight if you'd like.

I'll also be chasing my cat around the house with the seltzer bottle.
(SFX: prolonged cat yowl)

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Rachel Wilson said...

Happy birthday!!! I'm sorry I couldn't be there!