dammit. Gross.
From a company I've worked with for seven years now (but is also infamous for REDACTED UPON FURTHER THOUGHT) :
Dear Lacy

Thank you for attending --------’s callback audition last week. Thank you for your energetic response to the exercises and for all of your proposals. It was a pleasure having a chance to work with you, as usual. It was a hard choice to make amongst such a talented group, but we have determined who will be called back for a second set of callbacks. Although you have not been selected for this particular production, we hope that there will be an opportunity to call you in for future auditions and to work with you on upcoming projects.
Seriously, I could do without these rejection emails.


Anonymous said...

(puts on casting director hat) But, you know, lots of people complain when they don't receive any word at all and appreciate the courtesy of a piece of communication. Can't please everybody, I guess. I think many companies decide that they'd rather be hated for being communicative than accused of being brusquely dismissive.

(takes off casting director hat, climbs into spangle-y actor-jumpsuit) Yeah, rejection emails suck.


Lacy said...

you're totally right, and that was definitely an initial instinct. it's nice they took the time...

But. They also totally bum me out.

I think I've just become accustomed to silence-equals-rejection. Maybe I just have to get used to rejection emails the way I've gotten used to just not hearing back?


I need to go polish my actor jumpsuit. It doesn't feel sparkly right now at ALL.