i could continue to edit and tweak this entry, which I want to be more poetic and poignant than it currently is, but enough is enough sometimes.

We watched Ran this morning (you know... the traditional way to observe Memorial Day). A beautiful and tragic retelling of Lear, set in feudal Japan. Holy shit. Life was bloody. Life was awful. Life involved dying for idiotic, prideful wars started by a ruler you didn't elect - shit. wait. NO WAIT STAY WITH IT - with dynasties of power over which you had no control - THIS IS NOT INTENTIONAL I SWEAR

(pause. search for way out of this)

At least we don't have feudal lords, okay?
And we can't be impressed into service.
And there are toilets and antibiotics and Joss Whedon.
Life is good now. My life is easy. I am lucky, lucky, lucky to have it.
I saw a beautiful play yesterday, a gorgeous movie this morning, I'm riding my bike to a barbeque then doing a show with some wonderful friends tonight.

The very least I can do is be grateful.

And eat the shit out of a cheddar bratwurst at that barbeque.

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