I get carried away.

But I think it's no great sin to be excitable, especially if it's a fit of ecstasy over a beautiful song.
Listen to the one that I'll listen to all night tonight. It's posted on the right, at the top.

Warning, it is of the Slow & Lovely variety. I know - I like to rock too, but once in a while you should waltz.

If you have adverse reactions to anything resembling bluegrass or americana, you should probably stay away.


nora said...

The Old 97's made me believe in twangy music, which was a big leap for this old punk rocker.
Beautiful song.

Lacy said...

I'm so glad you like it! The Old 97's give country a good name again. Maybe one day they'll undo all the awful things that Hank Williams, Jr. did to country music.