Industrial Auditions

99% of the time, I think that playing characters in industrials are a blast. Narrating an industrial? Okay, that is hard. That is the reading-a-VCR-manual-translated-from-Dutch-to-Urdu
-by-someone-who-speaks-only-Gullah work. AND the client (especially the guy who got stuck writing the thing) will blame you every time for not sounding "more relaxed and natural."

But playing characters in industrials is great. Because there is NO SUBTLETY WHATSOEVER. I love it. My friend today was going in for one. "Okay," she said, as we got off the phone. "I have to go audition to be an Inappropriately Drunk Coworker At An Office Party."

Less salacious but still delightful: my character breakdown for tomorrow's audition.

Character #1:
“Everybody’s Buddy”

Desdemona? Hard. Maggie the Cat? Hard.
LESLIE, "Everybody's Buddy?" Not so hard!

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