As one of the 17 people in the world who relies on rabbit ears for television, I gotta tell you:

Me TV is one of the best things about living in Chicago. I don't watch TV enough to know what network shows are worth watching, so an entire channel of Cheers, Taxi, The Untouchables, The Honeymooners and Sanford & Son is dreeeeeeamy.

I've been discovering the Dick Van Dyke show. How can two people be so white and uptight and still so adorable and funny? Damn.


Jason said...

As one of the other 16 antenna users, I recommend exercising your gods-given American right to TV, by getting your government coupon towards a digital converter box. Or as I call it, "our welfare TV."

If you think MeTV is great, try three or four channels of it, crystal-clear. One recent night, I was able to choose between Dick Van Dyke, the Three Stooges AND Svengoolie showing "Frankenstein."

My head asploded.

https://www.dtv2009.gov/ -- You apply for one or two debit cards worth $40, which means you spend about $20 of your own toward each box. Hook your rabbit ears up to it, and you get about twenty or twenty-five channels right off the bat.

Lacy said...

...ooooh, but how many of those channels are in Korean?!

Thanks for the helpful info. I'm excited to get a clearer signal, for sure. Living in a glorified basement is not so good for reception.

Ryan said...

or you could not get TV at all. and just watch great movies via netflix.

but yes, the dick van dyke show is excellent.

Marisa Wegrzyn said...

I'm also a rabbit-earsy Me TV junkie. I got a little sad (totally unglued) when they stopped running back-to-back episodes of ROSEANNE at 5:00 and 5:30.

nora said...

All of us rabbit ear folks must also read your blog. What is the wonderful MeTV that you speak of?
We have nothing that fancy in Indianapolis.
You big city folks get all of the good stuff!

Mikey said...

That channel is a treasure. I might recommend The Bob Newhart Show. Since I've been watching it on MeTV, I find my self singing the theme song every time I pass 5901 N. Sheridan.