my proudest work

I've mentioned Barrel of Monkeys before. It's my theater company. And my family. And my artistic home my joy my inspiration and occasionally my source of employment. Why do I love Monkeys?

For one thing, our props. Perhaps you recall the tiger I modified so that it I could puppet it as I ripped his head open and ate his brains (so, as the puppeteer, I was eating his brains while still voicing his screams. Forgive me, I can't contain my pride).

Regrettably, I failed to photograph the breakaway plush sheep I altered so that Molly could rip its head off with her teeth.

But have you seen our Chucky doll?
Please note the level of detail.
True craftsmanship.

Why do I love Monkeys? Because we have the most ghetto-ass props and we totally love them and think they are SERIOUSLY THE BEST FREAKING THING. (I mean come ON. Raggedy Andy always wanted to be that bad-ass.)


THAT'S WEIRD, GRANDMA. Monday night at 8:00 at the Neo-Futurist Theater. You will like it. If you like this blog, you will for SURE like the show.

Come see it in the next 3 weeks, cause after that, I'm getting married and leaving the country.

Also, if you cannot get enough of my blogging goodness self-serving expostulating here, I now also write for the Barrel of Monkeys blog.

Reader Appreciation Section
Also also. As long as I'm a little buzzed on coffee. Thank you for reading my blog. When Arnie talked me into starting this thing, I didn't know if anyone ever would [actually read it], and then I would feel like a REAL ass... But shockingly, people DO. You do, and that makes me really happy and it's definitely among the Recent Life Developments That Make Me Glad. So thanks.

And seriously, come see the show.


Urraca said...

I know I've said it before, but Lacy, I await every single one of your posts. You never write stuff that makes me want to scroll or go check my ebay bids. When you sell your blog one day as a book, I can say I knew you back in the day. Seriously, keep it up.

But don't get Crocs. I will stop reading if you do.

Urraca said...

Oh yeah, and I re-shared on my blog your awesome link about being prolific. Who's going to write "A Year of Prolific Success"?

Halena said...

If I am remembering this correctly, I am responsible for that ghetto ass prop and am so happy to see it lives on. BTW in its first stage appearance it caused the Cleveland school children to stand up and almost start a riot. Nice job Andy.

Lacy said...

Cesar: I totally shared that prolific article with you in mind. I'm glad you liked it! And thanks a million for the encouragement. I hope I continue to deserve your interest.

Halena: I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN the Chuckie provenance. Your spelling gives you away!
ChuckY! I love it.