naps solve everything for 45 minutes.

Cat: You seem blue.

Me: Brandon and I had a ... thing this morning.

Cat: Those are called fights.

Me: It wasn't a fight.


Cat: So you spent your morning shopping for shoes, ignoring his phone calls and calling Sarah in tears because...

Me: I'm unemployed and getting married in 2.5 weeks. And I'm sort of freaking out.

Cat: Let's take a nap together and I'll purr in your face.

Me: You are awesome, cat.


Corrbette said...

Naps are awesome and should be required as medicinal treatment. With cats.

chris said...

Cats eat your soul while you sleep. Your soul has been swallowed.

Anonymous said...



nora said...

You're right, a nap solves a lot of junk.
Try not to let the pre-wedding stress send you over the edge. Easier said than done, I know.