Oh, Tim Russert.

Tim Russert: Hi Pumpkin! Not much time to talk. It's a busy day.

Me: I know, Dad. I just wanted to tell you that you're doing a GREAT job. I've been watching your clips on msnbc.com. WOW! You are so intelligent and concise! And utterly unassuming!

Tim Russert: Oh, I'm just using the same buzz words and points. It's nothing really. I'm essentially repeating myself.

Me: ... because EVERYONE wants to talk to you! And you keep saying everything SO clearly. Soundbites. Man, you give great soundbites.

Tim Russert: Tell you what, Pumpkin. Next weekend we'll go fishing and I'll teach you how to give a good soundbite, just like your old dad.

Me: Gee, that sounds swell.

Tim Russert: And for your wedding, I'm going to FINALLY tell that story about Madeline Albright at the Turkish Embassy.

Me: I LOVE it when you get drunk and tell stories about politicians and press corp! Promise you'll tell that one about Soledad O'Brien's drunk text messages! Pleeeease!

Tim Russert: Heh, heh. Alright. We'll see. Gotta go, Pumpkin.

Me: Bye, Dad! Go get 'em!

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Beausephus said...

Does this mean Chris Matthews is your drunken uncle? Keith Oberrman is your cousin who makes comments that are almost inappropriate about you and makes you feel icky?