oh, yes ... my Tony Award.

Chicago Shakespeare Theater won the 2008 Tony Award for Best Regional Theater.

My friend who did a show there with me said: You know, we were part of that season, and the award is for the season.

I put that in the Fat Lot Of Good That Does Me If It's Even True, Which I'm Not Entirely Convinced Of Anyway mental file, and then this popped up in an email from a friend who keeps up with that kind of theater news:
CONGRATULATIONS on your Tony by the way!!!
Hm. Well, shit.
I guess that is technically correct, in an indirect but arguable way.

Shoot. If this isn't an example of dubious success, I don't know what is.
[In a very roundabout way] I have won my first Tony Award [along with the other three to four hundred people it probably took to produce that season].

Maybe one day I'll even get nominated for a Jeff, the crappy local Chicago narcissismfest awards ceremony.

Well, probably not now.


Rachel Wilson said...

Hilarious. I heart you.

Beausephus said...

Congratulations. Maybe they'll comp you at the Pepsi machine. I worked admin for a theater that won the Tony and all we got was a lousy free pizza for lunch one day.
This might be a pyrrhic victory for you, but a victory nonetheless... score one for dubious success.