once again i am confused as to whether or not my life is a joke

Theater schmeater, my friends. Someone just booked a voiceover session for tomorrow.

That's right. I'm too busy working on high-powered ad campaigns that drive the face of pop culture. Now, I don't like to drop names, but I'm not above a little hint.

Let's just say...
Just so you know the caliber of talent you're dealing with here.

Wait wait wait wait. Hold on.
Let's recap my acting career at present.
I would type something poignant and hilarious here, but my hands are currently occupied with covering my face as I wonder, more or less, what the hell.

I think I've probably blogged enough for today.


Beausephus said...

Nothing will ever top your ER guest starring role in my book.

nora said...

Oh, you guest starred on ER? Do tell.
Although, I'm damn impressed by the HH gig.