subsets of success

Went with some friends to a play about a mysterious, reclusive artist and author.
It was a cool play: a choose-your-own-adventure staging in a former sanitarium of a sprawling fairytale epic involving child slavery, kidnapped princesses, and a heavy dose of Catholicism. Throughout the performance, the entire audience wore masks of the main characters based on the author's illustrations.

I'm not sure I loved the play, but I am very glad I saw it.

In a way, that is its own flavor of success, although I can't really figure out where it fits in.

As I was writing this post, I remembered that my first-ever boyfriend said the same thing about our relationship, and his moving to Chicago to be with me so we could give it a try. Although it didn't work out, he told me that he would always be glad that he took the chance.

Also its own very nice flavor of success.

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