Successful shows

My friend Arnie and I were chatting about shows we'd seen recently. Somehow we ended up talking about shows that were done well, but weren’t necessarily inspiring.

Me: inspiring is tough. Inspiring is almost always the exception rather than the rule.

Arnie: Steve and Jordan's show made me feel inspired. What's the last thing you saw that made you feel inspired?

Me: I saw a production of Our Town last week that blew my mind pretty wide open. I'm debating if I would classify it as "inspiring."

Arnie: I don't even mean inspiring in the clouds-opening kind of way. Just like, "this makes me want to go out and do more" or "do better"

Me: oh. right. Sure. Then, yes.
AND I would also say, I sat in on a barrel of monkeys school show rehearsal where they had turned one kid's story into a Bollywood number. THAT was inspiring.

There should be an opposite word for inspiring, that describes how you feel when you see something so bad you want to dissociate yourself from the art form entirely.

Arnie: "most shows"

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