Super combo Saturday post

In 5 weeks, I'll be a married person. How about THAT.

My GOODNESS, time flies. It seems like just this morning I was trying NOT TO CRY over a MySpace message someone had posted to Brandon in response to news of our engagement, which was the clip from Citizen Kane of Orson Welles defiantly applauding his wife's miserable opera performance, I mean SERIOUSLY WHAT DOES THAT MEAN BRANDON'S FRIEND THINKS OF ME AND WHAT IS HE TRYING TO SAY? AND WHO DOES HE THINK HE IS ANYWAY? AND WHY DOES HE ONLY COMMUNICATE VIA MYSPACE, I MEAN THAT IS WEIRDDDDD? but failing miserably, crying and frantically asking Brandon if he regretted asking me to marry him.

Ah, yes. (bemused chuckle)

Yes. That WAS, in fact, this morning. WHAT THE HELL?

Brandon: ... I really don't think he put that much thought into it. I think it's a video loop of a guy clapping. He's just saying congratulations.

Me: Honey, I don't like it. Can you please just close the window?

Brandon: But look at him! It's a great scene! He's supporting his wife!

Me: ... WHO SUCKS!


Me: Why does Tony hate me?

Brandon: What!??!
It was indeed a lovely morning, as later I went over to Sarah's. Sarah is selflessly and lovingly altering my wedding dress.
Fate is graciously repaying her in ways I cannot by tagging her car with gang signs overnight.
Dear life, What the hell. Love, Lacy.

Also, because why not, I saw this and ARE YOU KIDDING ME? SERIOUSLY? No.

AIDS, breast cancer, pro football. Of course.

And y'all make fun of Texas for our football worship.


nora said...

Okay, WOW! Five weeks until the wedding- that is wonderful and I'm sure, stressful.

Tim Russert is in Indianapolis this weekend. Just thought you'd like to know.

It is nuts to have one of those crazy magnetic car ribbons for the Bears...the Cubs, maybe.

chris said...

See, your natural gender bias here is clouding your analysis. You assume that because the clip has a man and a woman, playing husband and wife, that it's meant to represent you and Brandon in the selfsame roles. HOWEVER, there's the far-more-likely possibility that Orson is intended to represent Tony, Brandon is the wife, and you are the opera.

In that case, Tony is actually saying, "Wow, Brandon, I don't know how in the hell you got the part, but holy crap am I proud of you for being associated with this amazing art form, Lacy. Also - I love sleds."

(Personally, I think Brandon more than deserves the part, but that Tony guy... well. You know how he gets.)

Monica said...

Unless that ribbon is faded those colors look like Greenbay colors to me.