Another barbecue today.
Gretchen: This is what I love about summer. Sitting outside and eating with friends.

Dixie: My friends in New York joke about how many barbecues we have in Chicago. They're like, 'it's as if you have one EVERY WEEKEND,' and I'm like '... well YES, and I think it is shameful and tragic that you DON'T, where you live.'
It was a lovely afternoon. We talked and drank for longer than any of us really meant to, but all silently, mutually, happily decided that we didn't have anywhere else we had to be. I biked home at dusk with a friend, whizzing up Glenwood Avenue and chatting.

For a moment I looked over at his face as we rode and was amazed by the sight: how his face seemed to be completely still, talking to me very earnestly, while bungalows and condos flew past behind him at astounding speed.

I still have moments of deep insecurity even with close friends I've known for years.
I've learned that that's not a terribly uncommon thing.
I try to keep it in mind.

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