blog stardom

I check my sitemeter ALL THE TIME. Some might say obsessively.

Do you read www.dooce.com? Do you know of this website? It is unapologetically a personal blog about really mundane things. It just happens to be written beautifully.

Here's the thing: THOUSANNNNDS of people read this woman's blog.

It is now her job and her husband's job too. I mean. YOU GUYS. She is a blog celebrity and won, like, all the web awards for anything ever on the web this year and is pope of blogger or something.

Except she's so much bigger than Blogger.

Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii am jealous.

Hooooooowwwwwwwww do I do that? How does one post frequently enough, interestingly enough, with - no seriously! - enough CUTE PICTURES OF ONE'S PET to rake in all these people all over the place? That blog is the American Dream of blogs. It makes me want to send my blog to blog night school. Cause if that lady can do it, shit. So can I. Theoretically. Right?


nora said...

Damn you! I'd heard about her blog, hadn't clicked on it until now.
And just used up a precious hour I should have been working on a budget spread sheet - and I only read the first two months.

Urraca said...

Now I feel dumb. This blog is so well done, I just feel like I'm shrinking, even as I type this. Lacy, I hate you. I love you.

lizzy said...

Oh my gooooodddd! You're dream dad!!! I immediately thought of you. I'm so sorry....

Tim Russert Is Dead of a Heart Attack, His Family Says

Tim Russert, the host of the NBC program "Meet the Press,"
has died of an apparent heart attack at age 58, his family

nora said...

I also logged on as soon as I heard the Tim Russert news...I'm so sorry....